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New Challenge… My Concern June 1, 2010

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Last four weeks was very intensive and I had to study more in order to get credit to pass PEP course. In addition to that, I was worry about my (IRP, Exposition essay and final exam) which made my course more intensive. I was concern about my plan or time management because I could not sleep comfortably.  Also, I did not want to neglect some of the homework or lessons at the expense of IRP or Exposition essay. I wanted to give all I wanted to give the right of each homework or lesson, even though I sometimes failed to achieve the goals.

To analyse this problem, I think the main source of this problem was my concern which made me under tension. Furthermore, this problem led me to face other problems. Fore example, I did not pay any attention to my family or what they need. All my attention was on the IRP and some other homework.

To solve this problem, I tried to ease my tension by walking with my family to some close area to my hose. I also tried to sleep at 10:00 pm and waking up at 4:00 am in order to start studding.

If this problem happened with me in the university, I would go to counselling center to get advice from some specialists. I will allocate some of my times to studying and I will try to sleep earlier. Finally, I think these four weeks were a good lesson for me to deal with my challenge in the university.


Time management again May 13, 2010

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During the first five weeks I faced some difficulties to manage my time but I could address them. I think the first five weeks was a good lesson for me, so that I did not face any problem during the second five weeks. Also, I was relaxed and I did all my work or studies on time. For this five weeks I have not faced a serious problem until now, but I started to concern about manage my time because this five term is the final term for me,  it is very intensive and I have to study hard in order to pass PEP course.

Last Saturday I decided to finish my exposition essay (draft), IRP (draft), and my oral presentation so I did not sleep enough for two days. I felt tired during the class last Monday and Tuesday and I think that the teacher noticed that, and asked me a question in an abrupt manner. Moreover, this week I was about to change my time management which I made it last week. I wanted to devote one day a week without sleep in order to study more effectively, but I was able to re-control and I felt that I was not successful at my resolutions. Therefore, I have quickly backtracked on my resolution because I think that will negatively affect my study.

For the next final three weeks, I will try to follow my time management as I did last five weeks. I will study as I did last stage or more because this course is very intensive for me so I have to finish my assignments before due dates. I also try to get rid of stress because it will not benefit me in achieving what I want.

Finally, I ask my classmates to give me advices for the last three weeks.

My problem with IRP May 2, 2010

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Last week was holiday for the students in ELC, but before this week I had decided to complete my IRP through the holiday because the next five weeks is the final course for me in ELC then I will enter the university in Jun.

IRP for early leaver students is very difficult because we have to write only 750 words. In my opinion, writing 750 words is more difficult than writing 2000-3000 words because I cannot focus on the topic or the issue that I choose especially in my major (water resources). Whereases, most countries in the world have problems with water and it has become a controversial issue.

I chosen 4 topics at the first time but I did not find good resources to complete one of them and in each time I did not find enough sources in the library because most of them were borrowed.

I have chosen an Australian issue which is (Murray River Salinity). As we know salinity is wide topic and we cannot cover this problem with 750 words. Murray River salinity has impacted on South Australia and researchers work to find a good way in order to reduce its salinity and the predicted losses. Salinity issue is very interested and it was the best topic for me when I was in university in Iraq.

I completed my IRP with 2000 words at the first, and then I made it 1500 words, then 900 words, my problem now: I cannot make it shorter so I have to cancel some headings from the IRP. If I cancelled headings, I think it will not be understood by the reader because the audience is corrector; he/she is not my teacher.

Next few days I will try to make my IRP about 750 words and I try to make it understandable. Also, I have presentation about my topic in week 12 that may give me some advice from my teacher and classmates. Thus, I can change or add some things in my topic.

I advice my classmates to start with their IRP because they will save their time for the next 10 weeks and it is very useful for them before they enter university.

My problem with taking notes from lectures April 16, 2010

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Hi everyone, I’m going to talk about my problem with taking notes from lectures at the first five weeks.
First time, when the lecturer was speaking I tried to write every single word, and I tried to write what the lecturer says because I thought if I miss any word I would not understand what I wrote. So, I failed to write all of these words and I sometimes I missed the main idea of the lecture. Also, some lecturers speak more quickly so these made me frustrated although many teachers advised me to avoid write every single words.
In order to overcome this problem, I read some advices in some writing books and websites which have helped me to get rid of this problem. Then, I follow three strategies to overcome this problem:
A- Before the lecture: I started to read some information about the lecture before day or two, and if I found the lecture in My Uni I can read it. These will help me to understand the lecture.

B- During the lecture: I started to write every single word and I have tried to catch the key words only with keeping the main idea of the lecture. Also, some teachers in state library advised me to make diagrams with myself to make the lecture more understood by me.

C- After the lecture: I review my notes with myself and I outline what I miss from the lecture. Then, I check my notes with my classmates to add any missing word.

All of those have helped me to get rid of this problem.

For the next five weeks, I will follow all these steps and I will try to set close the lecturer to avoid noisy in other places. Also, before any lecture I will try to make some question about the topic and I will answer the questions after that in order to make sure how much I understand the lecture.

My Problem with Time Management & my Plan March 26, 2010

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In the last five weeks, I made plans for my study daily but although I put some activities or relax times in my plan (time management) sometimes I did not follow the table or the plan. Because my family live with me that means I have other things to do like shopping and picnic which take a long time. Also, sometimes my family suddenly was asking me other things when I was studding like shopping or any shortage in the needs of the home. So, I had to respond their demands. I did not put those things into consideration when I was planning so I suffered from the province in the study that affected on my plan. These forced me to extend my time study, for example one day I planned to study until 11pm then sleep, but my son asked me to take him to Hungry Jack’s and I did that. Fortunately, Hungry Jack’s is near to my house and I spent 1 hour there, so I extended my schedule 1 hour as compensation. Moreover, sometimes I had to delay some studies to the next day so I had to change my plan for the next day because I could not compensation.

I don’t think that my plans were failed; I think my plans were good but my plans were lack some things.

Firstly, I have made a good plan for the next few weeks and I have divided my time not just for study and relax but also it contains shopping times and additional times for other things. I consider my time management and my plans in the last 5 weeks as a good lesson for me.

Secondly, for the next weeks, I will shop every weekend in order to do not effect on my study. I have put all activities in my schedule. I will not extend my time to do other things, and will not delay any homework or studding to net time. Also, I have to follow my plan as much as I can.

Finally, I think my plan now is perfect although our teacher was sick last week and that affected on my plan, but I will do better next weeks. I think I will get rid of time management’s problem and I will be more aware of time running.

Poster and challenges March 12, 2010

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Hi my classmates:
In this blog I am going to talk about my poster
I think (make poster) was the biggest challenge last week, not because it is a new thing for me, I had previously worked many posters in my country, but doing poster in ELC is different because it should be more academic and we should use some program from computer to make it more interesting and be understood by other people.
In addition to that we had to complete it during a specific time and the subject had to include discussion or controversial subject, these give a distinctive character of the poster which most of that was new.
For me, I like challenges like that, so I tried to do my best and frankly I satisfied for myself as a first experiment because I have some experience in some computer’s programs that can be used to do posters but I think that is not enough.
The biggest challenge was time and I selected with my partner more than three controversial issues, which are crucial issues to the world and Australia in particular. These need much time to discuses, choose and make a poster; also I had other things to do like homework or studying. I think most of us as a PEP students have problem with time management although I always manage my time but with poster it was difficult for me to follow my time management.
Now I have learned how to manage my time with make poster because last poster was a good lesson for me to learn how to choose a good topic and manage my time.
In addition to poster I have to challenge another thing which is (culture information report) it is also a new experience for me to write an assignment and do oral presentation with group not individually. I have to work with my group to get rid of any difficulty that might face me and my group. I think if we (me and my group) did everything in our power we will certainly succeed.

Abdulmutalib ZARDAWY

A difficulty in using English March 5, 2010

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My problem is pronunciation and I think it’s not just my problem but also it’s all non-English language speakers because they have different sounds and different letters. Some Kurdish people become surprise when I tell them that my problem in English is pronunciation because our language has the same letters which is found in English and we do not have problem with pronounce some letters like (P) which all of Arabic students have problem with it and they can not distinguish between them. Sometimes when I speak to other people I can not pronounce the words as English people although they always understand what I say but I know my pronunciation is wrong and sometimes I have been forced to correct my pronunciation.

I always try to get rid of this problem by speak with native. This way is considered as a best way to overcome this problem. Also, I try to listen carefully to Radio and TV. Some people advised me to use talking dictionary and I wanted to buy it but my brother who lives in Canada had advised me to never use any kind of dictionary especially talking dictionary and advised me to listen to Radio or watch TV so I have followed his advice and I think it is good idea because I have found all English teachers do not encourage students to use any kind of dictionaries except English – English dictionaries.

In addition I have started to follow some advices from some English sights to listen to some people’s advices, and we I find a word which difficult for me to pronounce it I ask my teacher or other teacher in ELC then I try to repeat it with myself.

Now I think I have become better but I am not satisfied, I don’t mean I want to become as English speakers but I mean I want to pronounce some difficult English words perfectly. Finally, if someone has a good advice I will be happy to follow it.


Hi everyone February 21, 2010

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Although I’m Kurdish and I consider my language as the best language in the world, also I have loved the Arabic language and always I have read Arabic novels and poems.

Moreover I used to hate English because when I was 11 years old my teacher had slapped me at the first English class for me, from that day I started to hate English but I had been forced to study English. I gained a good background but I remained hate English and all of the English teachers.

Fortunately I have started to like English since just one year and I benefited from my English background.

Now I study in PEP course and I want to pass it with a high score So that I can enter Adelaide Uni and get masters degree in water resources management in order to participate in rebuild the Iraqi’s infrastructures.

Good luck

Abdulmutalib ZARDAWY